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It packs the mattress which is already put into nylon bag by wire resistance with pneumatic system. It provides adjustment (heating) with its time relay suitable for nylons in every thickness.

  • Sealing with resistance Including table.
  • Fautless packing with pneumatic sealing resistance
  • Can be used  packing for all size of mattresses.
  • Able to make sealing different thickness of nylon with time relay.
  • According to CE standard operating with double start button
  • Easy and functional way to pack mattress


M-2000 Flyer PDF Katalog
Production Capacity 150-200 mattress per day (8 hours) (depends on operator speed)
Mattress Size Any Size of Mattress
Lenght of Resistance 230 cm
Mattress Height Any Size of Mattress
Micron of Nylon 40 - 180 
Compressed Air 6 Bars
Power Requirements 3 Phase 380 V / 2 KW
Dimension 263 cm x 213 cm x 108 cm (width x lenght x height)
Height of Table 80 cm
Weight 300 Kgs
Required Set-Up Area 3 m x 3 m (width x lenght)
Required Loading Area 0.7 m x 2.7 m (width x lenght)
Number of Personnel 1
Quality Standard CE
Worldwide in the 65 country proudly powered 3000 mattress machines.

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