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The rising amount and variety of mattress production has made the need for automatic mattress packing machine unavoidable. M-2200 Automatic Mattress Packing Machine continues to be the choice of mattress manufacturers with its features of fast production, low cost of packing and labor, plus it offers perfect packing.

  • Automatic Sizing: Able to pack mattresses in sizes of: Width – Length 70 x 190 – 200 x 210 and Height 5 – 40 cm, in high quality.
  • Special Design without Pushing Unit: Perfect and faultless packing of light foam mattresses, toppers and saving time. 
  • Automatic Side Trim Cut : Perfect and resistance-free cuts safely with special blade system
  • Automatic Press and Vacuum System: Fast and perfect vacuuming with the pneumatic system
  • Touch Screen: Touch panel that quickly and easily arranges the adjustments of Heating- ironing, manualautomatic operation and press-vacuum. 
  • Fast Production: High production amount up to 2 matttresses per minute.
  • Up to 500 kgs plactic rolls lifting system.
  • Cleanest and tightly mattress packing.

M-2200 Flyer PDF Katalog
Production Capacity One mattress per 30 second. 120 mattress per hour. 960 mattress per day (8 hours)
Mattress Size Min. 70 x 190 / Max. 210 x 210 - Other size optional
Matress Height 5 cm - 40 cm
Pressing System Pneumatic
Pneumatic Pressure 482 Kgs (8 Bars)
Lenght of Nylon Rolls Min. 220 cm - Max. 265 cm
Max. Diameter of Nylon Rolls 32 cm
Max. Weight of Nylon Rolls 200 Kgs
Type of Nylon PE Film
Micron of Nylon 50 - 150 Micron(5-15)
Compressed Air  6 - 8 Bars
Power Requirements 3 Faz 380 V / 5,5 KW
Dimension 312 cm x 630 cm x 220 cm (width x lenght x height)
Height of Conveyor 80 cm
Weight 3.300 Kgs
Required Set-Up Area 3.5 m x 6.5 m (width x lenght)
Required Loading Area 2.3 m x 10 m (width x lenght)
Number of Personnel 1
Quality Standard CE
Worldwide in the 65 country proudly powered 3000 mattress machines.

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