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Our M-1200 quilting machine has the ability of straight sewing and jump pattern quilting with 1200 rpm production speed even with the thickest materials. Thanks to the industrial touch panel PC, it is designed to provide ease of use with its features of expansion in width and lengthwise, stitch length adjustment, length adjustment for jump patterns, pattern layout page, remote modem connection, adjustable normal sewing speed and jump pattern sewing speed. Innovations are made such as stopping automatically for personnel safety when bottom and top thread break or end, and when rear or front covers are opened; easy Luper adjustment.

M-1200 Flyer PDF Katalog
RPM-Repeat per minute 1200

100 m p/hr  (medium –design) 60 m – 150 m p/hr (small – big design)

Quilting Thickness Min. 1 cm – Max. 10 cm 
Quilting Feature 360º Sewing Facility
Quilting System CNC Servo Motor Chain Stitch
Tack and Jump Design Available
Advised Needle Type 160/23
Needle Space  25 mm
Max. Material Width 2700 mm
Max. Working Width 2500 mm
Number of Needle Bars 3 Bars
Distance Betw Needle Bars 75*75
Maks Lateral Pass 30 cm
Design Pattern 150-300 Pattern
Stitch Quality Good
Stitch Length 2 mm – 7 mm
Advised Bottom Thread  90-35 tex texturize poly
Advised Upper Thread 60-24 tex continuous filament poly
Auto. Up Thread Cutting System Available
Quality Standard CE
Warranty 2 Years
Power Requirements 3 Phase 380 V / 20 KW
Compressed Air 6 Bars
Width 494 cm
Legenth 605 cm
Height 250 cm
Weight 6.500-7.000 kgs
Required Set-Up Area  5.5 m x 7 m (width x lenght)
Required Loading Area 1 x 20 ft open top container
Worldwide in the 65 country proudly powered 3000 mattress machines.

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