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Mert Makina proudly present to you M-2 Double Head Quilting Machine is designed continuously and automatically feeding system and fabric is pulled by motorized rollers. M-2 Double Head Quilting Machine makes the quilting faster and smooth production against the competitors' machines. In addition, thanks to the experience based years of the Mert Makina, this machine that has a strong chassis will work faultless in many years. The most important characteristic of this machine is an asymmetrical drive system of two sewing heads which keep limitless design with high precision and high production capacity. This last generation quilting machine is able to producing high quality quilts, mattress panel, comforters, all types of covers, clothes, and sleeping bags for any industry, textile, automotive, home textile, etc. It is designed to allow to work with max thickness material and also thin materials from different layers and materials such as sponge, foam memory foam, latex foam, silk, cotton, polyester fiber, non-woven, jacquard fabrics, knitted fabric, stretching fabrics (up to 10 cm) thanks to adjustable pressing foot. This full automatic machine includes all process such as; feeding, tensioning, quilting and cutting. This machine offers the opportunity to high quality product, with highest speed production, lowest cost.

M-2 Flyer PDF Katalog
RPM-Repeat per minute 3000 rpm
Quilting Thickness Max. 10 cm
Quilting Feature 360º Sewing Facility
Tack and Jump Design Available
Advised Needle Type 160-23 / 134-35
Sewing Space 1 mm - 10 mm
Max. Material Width 2300 mm (Optional different sizes)
Max. Working Width 2065 mm (Optional different sizes)
Sewing Head Number 1 sewing machine
Brand of Sewing Head Durkopp Adler 867
Design Pattern 150-300 load design with endless option
Auto. Thread Cutting System Avaible
Shuttle Sizes Biggest Sizes of Durkopp Adler XXL
Advised Bottom Thread Poly/ Poly Tex 60 Dtex 295 / 2
Advised Upper Thread Poly. Cotton Tex 80 Dtex 400/2
Quality Standard CE
Warranty 2 Years
Power Requirements 3 Phase 380 V / 16 KW
Compressed Air 3 Bars
Width 370 cm
Legenth 750 cm
Height 160 cm
Weight 4.000 kgs
Required Set-Up Area  4.5 m x 9 m (width x lenght)
Worldwide in the 65 country proudly powered 3000 mattress machines.

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