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One of the most crucial steps of mattress production is mattress tape edge section, the number of mattresses that the personnel sews in a day has directly affects the cost. M-1100 automatic tape edge machine is designed and brought into use so as to sew mattresses in every size fastly and easily, and to maximize the quality with the edge tape’s smooth appearance on the mattress. In case the production increases, it is designed as compatible to transform into a continuous system by adding conveyor, another edge taping machine, cross conveyor, cleaning conveyor and automatic packing machine. 

  • Sewing Machine; Chain Stitch machine with double transport for thick materials and non-stop stitching.
  • Height Adjustment; Sewing machine angle and up down adjustment for able to work on mattress with different dimension.
  • Speed adjustment; speed adjustment on screen for straight sewing and corner sewing speed.
  • Conveyor System; anti-static PVC belt.
  • Flip - Flopping Mattresses; Dynamic Mattress Positioning systems and eliminating operator handling.
  • Turning Arm; Operator-friendly system to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Screen; Touch screen providing easiness and speed for the operator.
  • Needle Position; Automatic needle and foot lifting with pneumatic system.
  • Extensive Choice of Sewing Guide/ Binder

M-1100 Flyer PDF Katalog
Sewing machine CTECH 300U (PFAFF 5625-optional)
Production Capacity Up to 250 mattresses in 8 hours depends on operator performance
Chain Stitch Technology Chain Stitch Technology is used for high-speed production
Mattress Size 60x120 cm 200x210cm
Dimension 290 cm x 375 cm x 191 cm (width x Lenght x height)
Mattress Height 5 cm - 40 cm (50 cm is avaible on request)
Max Mattress Weight  200 Kgs
Weight 1150 Kgs
Sewing Speed 3000 rpm
Conveyor Speed 30 m / se
Conveyor Belt Anti-Static
Sewing Guide Number Number of sewing guide used for tape edge machine is like that : 18,20,22,24,26,...,42,45.
Type Of Sewing Guide Jagged sewing guide is used for sewing head with looper (CTECH 300U) (PFAFF 5625)
Thread It is recommended number 40 double-sides 75 tex polyester  sewing thread as up thread; Number 80 double-sides 40 tex polyester sewing thread as bottom thread
Needle  It is recommended number 180/24 needlefor  CTECH 300U and PFAFF 5625
Tape Edge It can be used tape edge according to sewing guide 
Overlock  Making overlock around of thick material quilting easier to make tape edge and provides a smooth appearance
Compressed Air 6 Bars
Power Requirements 3 Phase 380 V / 9,5 KW
Required Set-Up Area 3 m x 4 m(width x lenght)
Required Loading Area 2.2 m x 3 m (width x lenght)
Number of Personnel 1
Quality Standard CE
Warranty 2 Years
Worldwide in the 65 country proudly powered 3000 mattress machines.

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