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One of the main stock materials of spring mattress production is bonnell spring. M-60 bonnell coil spiral machine transforms 2.2 and 2.4 mm steel wire into bonnell coil. It produces springs of 100mm-170 mm height and of 82-96mm spring diameter. It can be made suitable for spring production with 2mm wire for smaller diameters on user demand. The form and knot smoothness of the spring frame is increased thanks to the high-quality steel and diamond tools used on our machine, and also collapses on spring is minimized with thermo processing. Thanks to these features, M-60 Bonnell coil machine is preferred by many mattress manufacturers. 
Up to 60 springs per minute, Upper and Lower knotting unit, able to work with 2, 2.2, 2.4 mm of wire. Able to produce 82 – 96 mm end ring diameter, and 100 – 160 mm spring height, 4 – 5 – 6 convolution. New automatic lubrication system and PLC / touch panel screen showing product unit counter, the adjustment speed and heat treatment on the screen. No compressed air needed. Different springs’ diameters can be produced by changing parts. High-tech bottom and top knotting system. Long time working with less maintenance. Optional protection cabin for complete sound and air isolation. Long time performance.  

  • PLC - Control System; showing product unit counter, the adjustment speed and heat treatment on the touch panel screen
  • Bonnell coil thermo processing unit 
  • Proper functioning and mass production with 60 springs a minute 
  • High-tech bottom and top knotting system 
  • Automatic lubrication system for knotting heads
  • Very simple to operate and very easy to set up
  • Protection cabin (machine and swift) 
  • Spring holdig tray 

M-60 Flyer PDF Katalog
Spring Type Bonnell
Total Product Capacity 28.000 pcs / 8 hours
Production Performance 60 Bonnell Coil / min
Spring End Ring Diameter 82-96 mm
Centre Coil Outside Diameter 50 mm - 54 mm
Spring Height 100 - 170 mm
Diameter of Bonnell Spring Wire 2.0 mm / 2.2 mm / 2.4 mm
Advised Carbon Rate of 2.2-2.4 Bonnell Spring Wire %65
Number of Convolution 4 Convolution - 100 mm
5 Convolution - 140 mm
6 Convolution - 165 mm
Max. Weight of Wire Swift 1000 Kgs
Wire Bobbine In-side and Out-side Diameter 350 mm – 850 mm
Compressed Air No Required
Automatic Lubrication System Available
Protection Cabin / Protection Cage for Swift Available
Spring Holding Tray Available
Thermo  Processing Transformer 10 Adjustement Steps (Electronc Switching)
Power Requirements 3 Phase 380 V / 14 kW
Required Set-Up Area 2 m x 6 m (width x lenght)
Required Loading Area 2.2 m x 4 m (width x lenght)
Weight 2000 Kgs
Warranty 2 Years
Worldwide in the 65 country proudly powered 3000 mattress machines.

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